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Find & Close Your Next (Or First) High-Ticket Client

If you’re a skilled expert, but you're struggling to attract your ideal, high paying clients…
then this challenge is for YOU!

I'm going to be giving away $3,000 in prizes and giveaways during the challenge (but you have to register and attend to be included in the giveaway).


Here’s What You’ll Learn During The Connect To Convert Challenge:

Day 1: Champion Mindset

Learn the secrets to think and ACT like a Superconnector that is able to take everyday casual conversations... and convert them into high paying clients. This technique will allow you to transform virtually any conversation into a potential long term partnership. 

Day 2: Identify

Think being everything to everybody is the best way to attract clients? Wrong! Learn how to identify only the most ideal clients that you’ll love working with (and kick the pesky, penny pinching, and micromanaging types to the curb!)

Day 3: Discover

You might have heard the term, “your network is your net worth” On Day 3 I’m going to break down exactly how you can take calculated actions to expand your network beyond your family and friends. You’re going to learn exactly how you can discover and add brand new prospects to your network every single day. 

Day 4: Optimize

If you’re at all worried about whether or not your prospects will take you seriously, then Day 4 is going to be an absolute GAME CHANGER for your business. Previously reserved for only my private clients, I’m pulling back the curtain on the exact formula you can use to become an overnight authority in your industry so you never have to worry about a prospect questioning your credibility again.

Day 5: Communicate

Lastly, on the final day of the challenge I’m going to share with you my very own method of communicating with ice-cold prospects that gets your outreach efforts BOOKED and not BLOCKED with high ticket prospects. This method has helped me take what used to be my “side-hustle” and transform it into a multiple 6-figure business. Once you learn this virtually unknown technique, you’ll be able to leave this challenge knowing exactly what you need to do to consistently find and convert high paying clients on demand.

Proof That This System Works:

Hey! I'm Jake Kelfer ...

... but you can call me "Coach Kelf"!

Over the last 6 years I’ve written 3 Bestselling books that have gone on to sell thousands of copies worldwide. I’ve traveled the world as an International Motivational Speaker, and to this date have helped 70+ NBA draft prospects sign $10M+ in contracts around the globe through the company I founded… the Pro Basketball Combine.

...and the information that I’m about to share with you... has never been seen outside of my inner circle program.

But today that’s about to change.

This material is my life’s work, and I can promise you that there is NOTHING like this out in the market today. This isn’t some fluffy program where I tell you how I won and 2 days talking about my backstory.
No. The material I’m sharing over these 5 days is 100% about taking immediate ACTION. I want you to win, and I want you to win FAST.

What you’re about to learn in this free 5-day challenge has generated more results than most premium high-ticket coaching programs:

I’m pulling back the curtain on several years of relationship building secrets from my own professional career… techniques I picked up working with the Los Angeles Lakers, working directly with Kobe Bryant and the team.

… and if I can build a relationship at that level, so can you.

Now you’re probably sitting there asking yourself, “Why’s he doing this now? And why is it FREE?”

The truth is… I want to motivate you to take ACTION because I know that with this information I can guide you to WIN. And... when YOU win, when you’re able to sell your own service and COMMAND high ticket prices for it… when you’re able to work with only your most ideal clients… then I’m confident that you’ll want to work with me again in the future.

And WHEN that day comes I’ll help you win even BIGGER.

But for right now it all starts with the first step…

There is one more thing… and I’m going to be brutally honest here… I know that if I do this challenge every week, most people won’t make the most out of it… and my main goal is for you to take ACTION.

You won’t get the results you want if you don’t do the work… and I want you to WIN.

So this challenge is a one-time deal.

…and the reason is simple… I want to see what you’re MADE OF over these 5 days, and I want to see you go ALL IN so you can prove to yourself, your family, and your friends what you’re capable of in your business.

All you need is the right coaching and a process that’s virtually guaranteed to get results.

Don’t put off your success any longer, jump in on the challenge TODAY and let's ELEVATE your business together!

See you inside,

Coach Kelf

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